Welcome to Lifelong Swim School

Lisa personally trains each of her instructors insuring that her 39 years of experience is passed on to everyone of our swimmers.

Lisa's 39 years of experience in swimming instruction, coaching, and competitive swimming gives her the definitive edge over other swim instructors in the area. Her firm, well delivered teaching style, ensures that her students will not only enjoy being in the pool, but will complete the progression from beginning, to self-sufficient, to advanced swimmers, in a timely manner. Lisa has been teaching full time at West University for over 26 years.  WSI, CPR and Lifeguard Training, in addition to general liability insurance coverage give you peace of mind, while your child is enrolled in swim lessons. Lisa and her staff of knowledgeable instructors offer excellent guidance for adults, children, even those with special needs. Your child will have a great time while learning essential skills.